According to CrunchGear Microsoft is working on a “ZunePhone” to challange Apple’s iPhone. So maybe the next mp3-player/phone combination is going to come into the market (i’ve posted about this topic).

Let’s see if there is any truth in this rumor – at least it sounds plausible. But it’s a fact that once more Microsoft is just the follower.


One Response to “Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPhone”

    I think MS has ended up in an infinite loop of copycat process in media delivery domain. I think they should go back to the drawingboard and strrategize the market niche they need to focus on. Even if its the media delivery/personal player domain, MS needs to come up with something from ground-up. However, the time window in a dynamic market like this can’t last still 4-5 yrs anymore. Interaction and chatters are shifting focus in less than a day. They might do better if they concentrate on solid partnersherships with conventional media houses (Fox, MGM, etc.) and cable houses (Cox, COMCAST) to innovate a whole new delivery model that can sync up on the fly with other domain players. Can talk more if anyone interested :)

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