Since 2003 the research firm Clean Edge is publishing an annual report on the “Clean Energy Trends”. Here are some key figures about biofuels, wind power, solar photovoltaics and fuel cells from this years issue:


Credit: Clean Edge

And what are the trends for 2008 (summed up by Joel Makower)?

  • electric cars (how all of the action seems to be from smaller players, not the major automotive companies)
  • sustainable cities (the emergence of new, fossil-fuel, carbon-neutral cities – in the Middle East, of all places)
  • wind (how the U.S. market is being driven by foreign companies)
  • geothermal energy (it is experiencing a global renaissance, particularly as large, utility-scale projects)
  • shipping (the new push to create cleaner oceangoing transport, including putting sails on freighters)

Download the full report.

The last item (“putting sails on freighters”) is one that I’m monitoring for some time (maybe you remember the post at cilinc!?). Perhaps it’s the sailor in me who encourages this but apart from that the “back to the roots”-idea is fascinating for me.


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